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Are you a Registered Teacher

The Education Act (Amendment) Act 1980, Section 33, states that “a person shall not teach or be employed as a teacher in a public educational institution unless he or she is registered, Here’s Your Opportunity  

Statement of Professional Standing

Statement of Professional Standing Overview:

A statement of Professional Standing is a letter outlining the status and rights of a teacher to teach in the Jamaican Education System.

This statement provides information regarding past professional practice as a teacher. For example, it tells whether the teacher’s right to teach has ever been taken away for disciplinary reasons or whether they would still be welcome to teach in the education system.

The statement outlines:

  • The registration status of a teacher in Jamaica
  • That the registration was never suspended, revoked or cancelled 
  • The authorisation/approval by the CEO of The Jamaica Teaching Council

If you require further information, contact Althea O’Brien at 922-8019 Ext 7002 and email: