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Are you a Registered Teacher

The Education Act (Amendment) Act 1980, Section 33, states that “a person shall not teach or be employed as a teacher in a public educational institution unless he or she is registered, Here’s Your Opportunity  


The Teacher Registration portal is a system whereby all teachers in the public and private education system in Jamaica are registered and placed on the national register of teachers

The site is accessible via or through our website

You need to be registered with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information/Jamaica Teaching Council and hold a current teacher training Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor’s, or Master’s in the area of subject specialty from a recognized and accredited University.

According to the 1980 Education Act (section 33), states that “a person shall teach or be employed in a public educational institution unless he/she is registered”. Therefore it is imperative that all trained/authorized teachers register in accordance with this policy.

To enter the registration portal, click LOGIN in the top right hand corner of the screen. Input your login information that is your email address and password, then proceed to make the necessary changes/updates.

If you have forgotten your password, select the “click here” text to reset your password.

Providing that all the necessary documents listed below are submitted the process should take between 2 business days and a registration receipt will be submitted to the applicant as proof of registration. The documents listed below must be submitted in order for the process to be complete.

1 Passport Photograph

Birth Certificate

Marriage Certificate (if applicable)

Professional Qualifications

2 Written Character References

TRN and NIS Cards

Valid ID (Passport, Driver’s License, Government issued ID)

Police Record (Early Childhood Teachers)

Food Handlers Permit (Early Childhood Teachers)

The statement of professional standing is only issued to registered teachers who are seeking employment overseas. If the process of registration has been completed and the applicant can provide proof of registration by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information (MOEY&I), then an email requesting the statement should be submitted to for the statement to be processed.

Eligibility for employment (Effective January 2010 only registered teachers will be granted this opportunity)

Eligibility for permanent appointment

Accessing study leave

Accessing study loans

Accessing motor vehicle loans

Application for Master Teacher  Programme

Application for NCEL Aspiring Principal

Eligibility for employment in the public system

The Jamaica Teaching Council (JTC) was established as a part of the education transformation strategy to improve the quality and coverage of education nationwide.  Its fundamental purpose is to professionalize the teaching profession. The Council advocates for the teaching profession, and its ultimate goal is for the teaching to become the profession of choice. On the other hand, the Jamaica Teachers’ Association (JTA) is a democratic organisation responsible for the enhancement and protection of the economic welfare, professional development and personal well being of its members, and the promotion of the educational interests in Jamaica. 

Notify the registration officer responsible for your region via phone or email, then he or she will liaise with the ICT Unit to rectify the situation

After submitting the relevant supporting documents you will be issued with a registration receipt within two to three working days. This will be sent via email to your email address.

No, teacher registration is free of cost, and you are only required to register once (Please note that if no registration receipt is presented to you then the process is not complete.

Complete the teacher registration form online at, after which you are required to submit an email to the Senior Licensing Officer, requesting the statement all relevant information will be provided to you.

Contact the registration officer assigned to your region and inform him/her of the error received. The registration officer will then do the necessary adjustments to rectify the issue.

Go to the login page (

Click ‘Forgot my password’. 

This will open a “Teacher Password Recovery” window for you to enter your email address and TRN.

You will receive an email with a recovery link to confirm the password change.

(Not sure if this information is correct)

If you are registering and get that response, it means that you are an existing teacher and you should click on existing teacher registration and follow the steps.

A registration receipt is evidence that you are a registered teacher with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information while the statement of professional standing is an official verified statement of your status attesting that your right to teach has never been suspended, revoked or cancelled and you are in good standing with the Government of Jamaica. The statement should be used for overseas employment upon request of a licensing body or educational institution.

No. The registration receipt is only valid for employment in the Jamaican Education System. This receipt should not be used to replace the Statement of Professional Standing for overseas recruitment purposes.

Your registration receipt is granted when you have met the requirements to join the teaching profession. It does not expire and you do not need to apply for it again unless it is revoked. (see section 35 or 33 of the Education Act

No, a copy of the certificate must be submitted to us, you will be asked to update the online registration system and provide any documents obtained after the certificate was awarded.

The Education Act can be found on the Ministry of Justice website at

Yes. Once you have completed the required teacher training and have been awarded the relevant certification which will be needed as a part of the registration process.

Go to the teacher registration portal at and enter your TRN in the box provided. Click search to check your registration status. A message will appear below the search button indicating if you are registered or not.

Yes, teachers from private institutions can be registered.

It takes the Registration Officer 2 to 3 business days to process your teacher registration documents before sending you the registration receipt via email.

Certified copies of your supporting documents can be sent via email as not to delay the process. The hard copies however, can be dropped off at the Region Office or delivered/mailed to our office.

University Council of Jamaica should be contacted in this regard. Visit

No, all documents must be certified in Jamaica and references should be from Jamaica.

Your registration does not expire.

Your teacher registration number is found on your registration receipt and is used to  identify your registration as a Teacher.

The teacher registration number in the same as your TRN, while the registration receipt number is found at the top right hand corner of your registration receipt