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The Beginning Teachers 2022/23

Planned, Prepared and Poised for Excellence

Dear Teachers,

Welcome and congratulations, you are on the last leg of your bachelor’s degree Programme.
The Jamaica Teaching Council is here to support you as you prepare to take on the noblest of all professions, Education. Thank you for taking the time to complete the form with the required data for
Mentoring and Induction of Beginning Teachers 2022/2023. This is in keeping with the recommendations of the Ministry of Education and Youth, Cabinet via Decision NO. 27/06 – 17 has approved the Beginning Teacher Mentorship Policy and granted approval for the implementation of a mandatory mentorship programme for all beginning teachers and teachers returning to the professions after five or more years of absence.

Important points to note:

The overall required points for certification at the end of the programme in February 2023 is 80 out of 100. The completion of this form with all pertinent information for phase 1 values 10 points.
The sessions will take place in 5 phases:
Phase 1 
(10 Marks) Individual
Have these ready for upload before completing the form. N/A is not a URL. You have until November 21,2022 to prepare and upload.

Note the instructions below:
1. Join your Google Classroom 

2. Create a Google site and upload at the appropriate slot below (a guide-
3. Create a Professional YouTube channel and add the link/URL in the appropriate slot below (a guide-
4. Create a LinkedIn account (
5. A (PROFESSIONAL HEADSHOT) photograph is required for this form, please have this available on your device for upload. This will be used for the closing ceremony magazine, ensuring  that the quality reflects your professional brand. Stamp your work with excellence!

Phase 2:  Synchronous-Overview and meet your mentor/facilitator-Zoom Platform- November 2022

Phases 3-4 Group

Phase 3: Synchronous (5 pm-7 pm one day per week for 6 weeks)-Engagement with Dr. Winsome Gordon, CEO-JTC, Guest Facilitators, Teacher Registration Staff, Subject Associations, etc.

Phase 4: Asynchronous- Google Classroom. Phase 4 is designed for asynchronous delivery – there will be no lectures or oral presentations, you will access the material, communicate with your team members based on your schedule and at your convenience. You will not be required to ‘come online’ at prescribed times. You will be in Subject Alike Grade Alike (SAGA) groups with Beginning Teachers from other teacher training institutions and departments.

The programme will be done over a four-month period (November 2022-February 2023), there is no expectation that you will be ‘in training’ all the time. The time frame is designed for flexibility and to provide support to you while on teaching practice. You will have adequate time to interact with the material and work at your own pace while you demonstrate that you are a teacher leader.

Phase 5:  The Closing Celebration Ceremony and Most Outstanding Beginning Teacher Team Leader and Institution Award – May 2023

NB. You will be working in small teams based on your Subject Alike Grade Alike (SAGA) Groups. The volunteer team leader, who with evidence inspires the team to complete all tasks excellently, along with the team members will be recognized and awarded at the closing ceremony. The institution/ department that has 100% of the Beginning Teachers meeting competence will also be awarded. (The detailed criteria will be shared in the Google classroom

The Beginning Teachers