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Master Teacher

The Master Teacher Programme

Since 1998 the Ministry of Education with recommendations from the Jamaica Teachers’ Association, began the process of selecting master teachers for the retention of proficient teachers in the classroom and the enhancement of student learning. In addition this process was designed to:

  1. Recognize and reward master teachers who demonstrate excellence in teaching (instructional design, development, delivery and management).
  2. Provide incentives for teachers to pursue further academic training and professional development.
  3. Encourage the creative utilization and integration of technologies in curriculum and instructions.
  4. Encourage involvement in and documentation of action research and educational projects relevant to teaching and teachers’ professional development.
  5. Provide additional educational leadership in schools, for training and mentoring of beginning teachers

Master Teacher Overview

Who is a Master Teacher

A Master Teacher is a professional teacher who has demonstrated the mastery of the art and craft of teaching, by achieving excellence in current practices, through a comprehensive assessment process. Master teachers are therefore required to significantly impact the teaching learning process.

The Master Teachers’ Programme is governed by the National Committee for Selection and Appointment of Master Teachers of Jamaica (NCSAMT). The programme has served to identify some of our best teachers as master teachers. Over time the body of teachers has been depleted primarily by their advancement to principalship and or retirement. However, each year the National Committee seeks to replenish the group, taking care that those who are identified as master teachers are truly Masters in the art and science of teaching.
As we work towards improving the outcomes of education, we will depend on our master teachers even more than in previous times. There are active master teachers in the areas of primary & secondary education, science, physical education, business education, English, music, mathematics, visual arts, communication studies and literacy.
With the establishment of the Jamaica Teaching Council it is expected that:

  • Master Teachers will be certified and fully utilized in providing training and upgrading of other teachers in the school system.
  • Master Teachers will provide mentorship and training for new and inexperienced teachers.
  • Master teachers will greatly influence the teaching learning process for greater student achievement.