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Registering a PLC

Before you start a PLC, think about:

Here are some considerations you should make if you are considering starting a PLC


Registering a PLC makes it ‘visible’ – the Council becomes aware of it and is able to promote it. It can be added it to the professional development landscape and is now discoverable by others.


Registering a PLC creates the opportunity for the PLC to benefit from training, support and resources that the Council has developed for PLCs. Registered PLCs themselves form a community, creating opportunities for exchanging ideas, sharing resources and accessing PD from a wider base of professionals within the local PLC network


Registering a PLC gives its members the opportunity to have their PD activities recognized by the Council and ensures that their hours of engagement form a part of their professional record.

How Do I Prepare for Registration?

Any PLC can be registered with the Teaching Council. The Council will examine 4 domains of the PLC in determining how to register the PLC. These 4 domains are described as the threshold requirements for any PLC:

Is my PLC Ready for Registration?

Here are some considerations you should make if you are considering starting a PLC

This classification is for PLCs who do not meet the threshold requirement for PLCs and will need and receive extensive support from the Council in order to operate efficiently as a PLC. They are characterized by a marked absence of systems, structure and other identifying features of a PLC.

PLCs classified as ‘developing’ have created and implemented systems and protocols to build and grow their communities. However, these systems are weak and inadequate.

An accredited PLC is one that the council regards as having the necessary and adequate systems to function efficiently and effectively as a PLC. Accredited PLCs do not have any urgent need to improve their systems in order to be effective.

An exemplary PLC has better than expected systems in place to manage and grow its community. An exemplary PLC will be used as a benchmark for others to emulate.

You can review the full framework for registration by clicking here..