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Quality Education Circle

Professional development is a collective resource, not a personal prerogative. Peer engagement forges powerful links between teacher learning and student growth.

— Laura Lipton

What is a Quality Education Circle (QEC)?

A QEC is a grouping of all educational institutions – early childhood, primary, secondary and tertiary – within a geographical area. All the schools in a QEC agree that they will work together and with their stakeholders in order to improve student outcomes.

Schools are grouped into QECs for two main reasons:

  • To facilitate effective and efficient supervision and support by the Ministry of Education, Youth & Information

  • To encourage stakeholders (teachers, principals, the business community, etc.) to collaborate, to learn from each other and to work together.

How are QECs created

Schools are selected to be include in QECs by taking into account the following 3 factors:

  • Geography: Effort is made to ensure that schools that are close together are in the same QEC.
  • Stakeholders: Schools that have common stakeholders are usually placed in the same QEC. Common stakeholders include, the business community, the police and the political representatives – Members of Parliament and Local Government Councilors)
  • Relationships: In placing schools into QECs, effort is made to preserve working relationships and partnerships that schools have already formed.

Using these considerations, 63 QECs have been formed across Jamaica. Each school, regardless of the level at which it operates, and whether it is a public or a private school, has been placed in one of these 63 QECs.

So, which QEC is my school in?

You can use the table below to find a list of all schools and the QECs that they are in.

Allman Town InfantKingston11
Allman Town PrimaryKingston11
Alpha InfantKingston11
Alpha PrimaryKingston11
Calabar Primary & InfantKingston11
Convent of Mercy 'Alpha'Kingston11
Franklin Town PrimaryKingston11
Holy Family Infant & PrimaryKingston11
Holy Trinity HighKingston11
Jessie Ripoll PrimaryKingston11
Kingston CollegeKingston11
Kingston Technical HighKingston11
St Michael’s PrimaryKingston11
St. George's CollegeKingston11
St. Micheal's InfantKingston11
St. Paul's United infantKingston11
All Saints InfantKingston21
Central Branch All AgeKingston21
Central Branch InfantKingston21
Chetolah Mel Nathan Education CentreKingston21
Denham Town HighKingston21
Denham Town InfantKingston21
Denham Town PrimaryKingston21
Kingston HighKingston21
North Street Congregational PrimaryKingston21
St. Alban's PrimaryKingston21
St. Aloysious PrimaryKingston21
St. Andrew PrimaryKingston21
St. Andrew Technical HighKingston21
St. Annes CAPKingston21
St. Anne's InfantKingston21
St. Anne's PrimaryKingston21
St. Georges Girls Primary & InfantKingston21
St. Joseph InfantKingston21
Tivoli Gardens HighKingston21
Dunrobin PrimarySt Andrew31
Half-Way Tree PrimarySt Andrew31
Holy Childhood HighSt Andrew31
John Mills Infant PJHSt Andrew31
Maxfield Park PrimarySt Andrew31
Melrose Primary & InfantSt Andrew31
Merl Grove HighSt Andrew31
Norman Manley HighSt Andrew31
Rousseau PrimarySt Andrew31
St. Jude's PrimarySt Andrew31
Tarrant HighSt Andrew31
Tarrant PrimarySt Andrew31
Clifton PrimarySt Andrew41
Constitution Hill PrimarySt Andrew41
Content Gap PrimarySt Andrew41
Craighton PrimarySt Andrew41
Dallas Primary and Junior HighSt Andrew41
Donald Quarrie HighSt Andrew41
Friendship Brook PrimarySt Andrew41
Grove PrimarySt Andrew41
Hall's Delight Primary and Junior HighSt Andrew41
Harbour View PrimarySt Andrew41
Louise Bennett Coverley All AgeSt Andrew41
Mavis Bank HighSt Andrew41
Mount Fletcher PrimarySt Andrew41
New Providence PrimarySt Andrew41
Somerset All Age and InfantSt Andrew41
St. Benedict's PrimarySt Andrew41
St. Martin de Porres PrimarySt Andrew41
Westphalia All AgeSt Andrew41
Woodford PrimarySt Andrew41
Calabar HighSt Andrew51
Constant Spring Primary and Junior HighSt Andrew51
Immaculate Conception HighSt Andrew51
Salvation Army School for the BlindSt Andrew51
Shortwood Practising Infant and Primary and JuniorSt Andrew51
Shortwood Teachers' CollegeSt Andrew51
St. Richard's InfantSt Andrew51
St. Richard's PrimarySt Andrew51
Swallowfield Primary and Junior HighSt Andrew51
Jack's Hill Primary and InfantSt Andrew61
Maverley Primary and Junior HighSt Andrew61
New Day Primary and Junior HighSt Andrew61
The Queens SchoolSt Andrew61
Meadowbrook HighSt Andrew71
Pembroke Hall HighSt Andrew71
Pembroke Hall PrimarySt Andrew71
Ardenne HighSt Andrew81
Campion CollegeSt Andrew81
Clan Carthy HighSt Andrew81
Clan Carthy PrimarySt Andrew81
Excelsior Community CollegeSt Andrew81
Excelsior HighSt Andrew81
Excelsior Primary & InfantSt Andrew81
Gaynstead HighSt Andrew81
Mico CARESt Andrew81
Mico Practising Primary and Junior HighSt Andrew81
St. Andrew HighSt Andrew81
St. Francis Primary and InfantSt Andrew81
St. Hugh's HighSt Andrew81
St. Joseph Teachers' CollegeSt Andrew81
The Edna Manley College of the ArtsSt Andrew81
The Mico University CollegeSt Andrew81
Wolmer's Boys SchoolSt Andrew81
Wolmer's High School for GirlsSt Andrew81
Women's CentreSt Andrew81
YMCASt Andrew81
YWCA School Leaving InstituteSt Andrew81
Cockburn Gardens Primary and Junior HighSt Andrew91
Greenwich All AgeSt Andrew91
Haile Selassie HighSt Andrew91
Majesty Gardens InfantSt Andrew91
St. Peter Claver PrimarySt Andrew91
Tavares Garden PrimarySt Andrew91
Union Gardens InfantSt Andrew91
Whitfield All AgeSt Andrew91
Boys Town All AgeSt Andrew101
Charlie Smith HighSt Andrew101
Iris Gelley PrimarySt Andrew101
Jones Town PrimarySt Andrew101
Trench Town PolytechnicSt Andrew101
Trench Town PrimarySt Andrew101
Balcombe Drive Primary and Junior HighSt Andrew111
Drews Avenue Primary and InfantSt Andrew111
Dupont Primary and InfantSt Andrew111
Jamaica China Goodwill 1St Andrew111
Penwood HighSt Andrew111
Seaward Primary and Junior HighSt Andrew111
Balmagie PrimarySt Andrew121
Duhaney Park PrimarySt Andrew121
Edith Dalton James HighSt Andrew121
George Headley PrimarySt Andrew121
Seaview Gardens PrimarySt Andrew121
St. Patrick's PrimarySt Andrew121
Allman Hill Primary and Junior HighSt Andrew131
Bowden Hill PrimarySt Andrew131
Brandon Hill Primary and Junior High SchoolSt Andrew131
Cavaliers All AgeSt Andrew131
Essex Hall PrimarySt Andrew131
Golden Spring PrimarySt Andrew131
Golden Valley Primary and InfantSt Andrew131
King Weston PrimarySt Andrew131
Lawrence Tavern PrimarySt Andrew131
Mannings Hill PrimarySt Andrew131
New Gardens Primary and InfantSt Andrew131
Oberlin HighSt Andrew131
Padmore PrimarySt Andrew131
Red Hills All AgeSt Andrew131
Rock Hall All AgeSt Andrew131
St. Theresa's All AgeSt Andrew131
Stony Hill Primary and InfantSt Andrew131
Stony Hill Technical HighSt Andrew131
Unity Primary and InfantSt Andrew131
Camperdown HighSt Andrew141
Caribbean Maritime UniversitySt Andrew141
Dunoon Park Technical HighSt Andrew141
Elletson Primary and InfantSt Andrew141
Holy Rosary PrimarySt Andrew141
Norman Gardens Primary and Junior HighSt Andrew141
Port Royal Primary and InfantSt Andrew141
Rennock Lodge All AgeSt Andrew141
Rollington Town PrimarySt Andrew141
Vauxhall HighSt Andrew141
Windward Road Primary and Junior HighSt Andrew141
August Town PrimarySt Andrew151
Carberry Court Sp. SchoolSt Andrew151
Danny Williams School for the DeafSt Andrew151
Hope Valley Experimental Primary & InfantSt Andrew151
Jamaica CollegeSt Andrew151
Lister Mair Giley Special SchoolSt Andrew151
Mona Heights PrimarySt Andrew151
Mona HighSt Andrew151
Mountain View PrimarySt Andrew151
New Providence PrimarySt Andrew151
Papine HighSt Andrew151
Randolph Lopez School HopeSt Andrew151
UTECHSt Andrew151
UWI MonaSt Andrew151
Aeolus Valley PrimarySt Thomas162
Bethesda Primary & InfantSt Thomas162
Bull Bay Primary & InfantSt Thomas162
Cedar Valley PJHISt Thomas162
Easington Primary & InfantSt Thomas162
Font Hill Primary & InfantSt Thomas162
Grants Pen Primary and InfantSt Thomas162
Hillside Primary & InfantSt Thomas162
Lystra Primary & InfantSt Thomas162
Middleton PrimarySt Thomas162
Minto PrimarySt Thomas162
Mount Vernon Primary & InfantSt Thomas162
Penlyne Castle PrimarySt Thomas162
Prospect PrimarySt Thomas162
Richmond Gap Primary and InfantSt Thomas162
Robert Lightobourne HighSt Thomas162
Seaforth HighSt Thomas162
Seaforth PrimarySt Thomas162
Trinityville PrimarySt Thomas162
White Hall PrimarySt Thomas162
White Horses Primary & InfantSt Thomas162
Woburn Lawn Primary & InfantSt Thomas162
Yallahs HighSt Thomas162
Yallahs InfantSt Thomas162
Yallahs PrimarySt Thomas162
Airy Castle PrimarySt Thomas172
Amity Hall Primary and InfantSt Thomas172
Arcadia Primary & InfantSt Thomas172
Barking Lodge Primary & InfantSt Thomas172
Bath PrimarySt Thomas172
Dalvey Primary & InfantSt Thomas172
Duckenfield PrimarySt Thomas172
Golden Grove Primary and InfantSt Thomas172
Hayfield Primary & InfantSt Thomas172
Jamaica China Goodwill Infant 2St Thomas172
Johns Town PrimarySt Thomas172
Johnson Mountain PrimarySt Thomas172
Lyssons PrimarySt Thomas172
Lyssons School of ExcellenceSt Thomas172
Morant Bay HighSt Thomas172
Morant Bay PrimarySt Thomas172
Old Pera Primary & InfantSt Thomas172
Paul Bogle HighSt Thomas172
Port Morant PrimarySt Thomas172
Rowlandsfield Primary & InfantSt Thomas172
Spring Garden PrimarySt Thomas172
St Thomas Technical HighSt Thomas172
Thornton Primary & InfantSt Thomas172
Wilmington PrimarySt Thomas172
Winchester PrimarySt Thomas172
Belle Castle Primary and InfantPortland182
Bellevue PrimaryPortland182
Boston Primary and InfantPortland182
Boundbrook Infant Port Antonio InfantPortland182
Boundbrook PrimaryPortland182
College of Arts, Science & Education (CASE)Portland182
Comfort Castle Primary & Junior HighPortland182
Coopers Hill PrimaryPortland182
Drapers All AgePortland182
Fair Prospect HighPortland182
Fair Prospect PrimaryPortland182
Happy Grove HighPortland182
Ken Wright PrimaryPortland182
Manchioneal All AgePortland182
Moore Town Primary & Junior HighPortland182
Nonsuch PrimaryPortland182
Norwich PrimaryPortland182
Port Antonio HighPortland182
Port Antonio InfantPortland182
Port Antonio PrimaryPortland182
Reach Primary and InfantPortland182
Rural Hill PrimaryPortland182
Seaside PrimaryPortland182
Sherwood Forest PrimaryPortland182
Titchfield HighPortland182
Windsor Forest PrimaryPortland182
Windsor PrimaryPortland182
Windsor School of HopePortland182
Avocat Primary & Junior HighPortland192
Birnamwood PrimaryPortland192
Bloomfield PrimaryPortland192
Buff Bay HighPortland192
Buff Bay PrimaryPortland192
Bybrook PrimaryPortland192
Cascade Primary & Junior HighPortland192
Charles Town PrimaryPortland192
Claverty Cottage PrimaryPortland192
Fairfield PrimaryPortland192
Fruitful Vale All AgePortland192
Hope Bay All AgePortland192
Mount Hermon Primary & Junior HighPortland192
Mount Pleasant All AgePortland192
Orange Bay PrimaryPortland192
Rock Hall All AgePortland192
Shirley Castle PrimaryPortland192
Skibo PrimaryPortland192
St Agnes InfantPortland192
St Agnes InfantPortland192
St. Margaret's Bay All AgePortland192
Tranquility Primary and InfantPortland192
Windsor Castle All AgePortland192
Annotto Bay All AgeSt Mary202
Baxters Mountain PrimarySt Mary202
Bellefield PrimarySt Mary202
Brainerd PrimarySt Mary202
Bromley All AgeSt Mary202
Camberwell PrimarySt Mary202
Castleton Primary & Junior HighSt Mary202
Clonmel Primary & Junior HighSt Mary202
Devon Pen PrimarySt Mary202
Enfield Primary & Junior HighSt Mary202
Epsom PrimarySt Mary202
Horace Clarke HighSt Mary202
Lewisburgh PrimarySt Mary202
Long Road PrimarySt Mary202
Mahoe Hill PrimarySt Mary202
May River PrimarySt Mary202
Mount Joseph PrimarySt Mary202
Paisley All AgeSt Mary202
Richmond Primary and InfantSt Mary202
Rock River PrimarySt Mary202
Scotts Hall PrimarySt Mary202
St Mary HighSt Mary202
Albion Mountain PrimarySt Mary212
Beecham Hill Primary and InfantSt Mary212
Hampstead All AgeSt Mary212
Highgate Primary & Junior HighSt Mary212
Hillside PrimarySt Mary212
Horace Clarke HighSt Mary212
Marlborough PrimarySt Mary212
Martin PrimarySt Mary212
New Orange Hill Primary and InfantSt Mary212
Port Maria InfantSt Mary212
Port Maria PrimarySt Mary212
Robin's Bay PrimarySt Mary212
St Mary HighSt Mary212
Trinity PrimarySt Mary212
Water Valley PrimarySt Mary212
Zion Hill PrimarySt Mary212
Boscobel PrimarySt Mary222
Brimmervale HighSt Mary222
Carron Hall HgihSt Mary222
Carron Hall InfantSt Mary222
Carron Hall PrimarySt Mary222
Derry PrimarySt Mary222
Donnington PrimarySt Mary222
Free Hill Primary and InfantSt Mary222
Galina PrimarySt Mary222
Gayle PrimarySt Mary222
Goshen PrimarySt Mary222
Iona HighSt Mary222
Jack's River PrimarySt Mary222
Jackson Primary & Junior HighSt Mary222
Jeffrey Town PrimarySt Mary222
Labyrinth PrimarySt Mary222
Mason Hall PrimarySt Mary222
Mount Angus Primary & Junior HighSt Mary222
Newstead All AgeSt Mary222
Oracabessa HighSt Mary222
Oracabessa PrimarySt Mary222
Ramble PrimarySt Mary222
Retreat Primary & Junior HighSt Mary222
Tacky HighSt Mary222
Three Hills PrimarySt Mary222
Wallingford PrimarySt Mary222
Alderton PrimarySt Ann233
Beecher Town PrimarySt Ann233
Bensonton PrimarySt Ann233
Breadnut Hill PrimarySt Ann233
Camperdown PrimarySt Ann233
Clapham PrimarySt Ann233
Claremont All AgeSt Ann233
Epworth PrimarySt Ann233
Ferncourt HighSt Ann233
Fort George Primary & InfantSt Ann233
Golden Grove All AgeSt Ann233
Iron’s Mountain PrimarySt Ann233
Lime Hall PrimarySt Ann233
Moneague CollegeSt Ann233
Moneague Primary & Junior HighSt Ann233
Mount Waddy PrimarySt Ann233
Parry Town PrimarySt Ann233
Prickly Pole PrimarySt Ann233
St. George’s All AgeSt Ann233
Turnberry PrimarySt Ann233
Village All AgeSt Ann233
Walkerswood AcademySt Ann233
York Castle PrimarySt Ann233
Chalky Hill All AgeSt Ann243
Edgehill School of Special EducationSt Ann243
Exchange All AgeSt Ann243
Marcus Garvey Technical HighSt Ann243
Ocho Rios HighSt Ann243
Ocho Rios PrimarySt Ann243
Priory Primary & InfantSt Ann243
St. Ann’s Bay InfantSt Ann243
St. Ann’s Bay PrimarySt Ann243
Steer Town AcademySt Ann243
Steer Town Primary & Junior HighSt Ann243
Aabuthnott Gallimore HighSt Ann253
Aboukir High & InstituteSt Ann253
Aboukir PrimarySt Ann253
Alva Primary & InfantSt Ann253
Bethany PrimarySt Ann253
Bob Marley Primary & Junior HighSt Ann253
Bohemia All AgeSt Ann253
Cascade PrimarySt Ann253
Charlton InfantSt Ann253
Charlton PrimarySt Ann253
Clarksonville PrimarySt Ann253
Clydesdale PrimarySt Ann253
Eccleston PrimarySt Ann253
Gibraltar All AgeSt Ann253
Grants Mountain PrimarySt Ann253
Higgin’s Land Primary & Junior HighSt Ann253
Inverness PrimarySt Ann253
Lime Tree Garden Primary & InfantSt Ann253
Linton Park All AgeSt Ann253
Madras All AgeSt Ann253
Mt. Moriah Primary & InfantSt Ann253
Murray Mountain PrimarySt Ann253
Retirement PrimarySt Ann253
Watt Town All AgeSt Ann253
Bamboo Primary & Junior HighSt Ann263
Brown’s Town InfantSt Ann263
Brown’s Town PrimarySt Ann263
Brown's Town Community CollegeTrelawny263
Brown's Town HighSt Ann263
Chester PrimarySt Ann263
Discovery Bay All AgeSt Ann263
Discovery Bay HighSt Ann263
Free Hill PrimarySt Ann263
Hoolebury PrimarySt Ann263
Keith All AgeSt Ann263
Liberty Hill InfantSt Ann263
Lower Buxton All AgeSt Ann263
Mount Zion PrimarySt Ann263
Muirhouse PJHSt Ann263
Philadelphia PrimarySt Ann263
Runaway Bay All AgeSt Ann263
Servite PrimarySt Ann263
St. Christopher School For The DeafSt Ann263
St. Hilda's Diocesan HighSt Ann263
Sturge Town PrimarySt Ann263
Waltham Abbey PrimarySt Ann263
York Castle HighTrelawny263
Albert Town HighTrelawny273
Albert Town Primary & InfantTrelawny273
Clark’s Town PrimaryTrelawny273
First Hill All AgeTrelawny273
Freemans Hall Primary & InfantTrelawny273
Lowe River Primary & Junior HighTrelawny273
Sawyers PrimaryTrelawny273
Spring Garden Primary & InfantTrelawny273
St. Michael's InfantTrelawny273
Stewart Town PrimaryTrelawny273
Troy HighTrelawny273
Troy PrimaryTrelawny273
Ulster Spring PrimaryTrelawny273
Wait-A-Bit All AgeTrelawny273
Warsop All AgeTrelawny273
Westwood HighTrelawny273
Wilson’s Run All AgeTrelawny273
Bounty Hall PrimaryTrelawny283
Brampton PrimaryTrelawny283
Cedric Titus HighTrelawny283
Daniel Town PrimaryTrelawny283
Duanvale PrimaryTrelawny283
Duncans All AgeTrelawny283
Falmouth All AgeTrelawny283
Falmouth InfantTrelawny283
Granville PrimaryTrelawny283
Hague Primary & InfantTrelawny283
Hampden PrimaryTrelawny283
Hastings PrimaryTrelawny283
Holland HighTrelawny283
Kinloss PrimaryTrelawny283
Muschett HighTrelawny283
Perth Town AcademyTrelawny283
Refuge PrimaryTrelawny283
Rio Bueno PrimaryTrelawny283
Salt Marsh PrimaryTrelawny283
Stephen James InfantTrelawny283
Unity PrimaryTrelawny283
Wakefield PrimaryTrelawny283
Waldensia PrimaryTrelawny283
William Knibb Memorial HighTrelawny283
Albion PrimarySt James294
Barracks Road PrimarySt James294
Corinaldi Ave PrimarySt James294
Cornwall CollegeSt James294
Farm Primary & InfantSt James294
Green Pond HighSt James294
Green Pond Primary & InfantSt James294
Montego Bay HighSt James294
Montego Bay InfantSt James294
Mt Salem PJHSt James294
NCU Western CampusSt James294
Salt Spring PrimarySt James294
St James HighSt James294
UTECH Western CampusSt James294
Adelphi PrimarySt James304
Barrett Town PrimarySt James304
Buckingham PrimarySt James304
Dumfries PrimarySt James304
Goodwill Primary & InfantSt James304
Irwin HighSt James304
Irwin PrimarySt James304
John Hall PrimarySt James304
John Rollins Success PrimarySt James304
Lottery PrimarySt James304
Mt Zion PrimarySt James304
Salter's Hill PrimarySt James304
Somerton Primary & InfantSt James304
Spot Valley HighSt James304
Sudbury Primary & InfantSt James304
Sunderland PrimarySt James304
Bogue Hill PrimarySt James314
Catherine Hall Primary & InfantSt James314
Catherine Hall Special EducationSt James314
Granville Primary & InfantSt James314
Herbert Morrison TechnicalSt James314
Howard Cooke PrimarySt James314
Llandillo School of Special EducationSt James314
Montego Bay Community CollegeSt James314
Sam Sharpe Teachers CollegeSt James314
Tower Hill PrimarySt James314
Chetwood PrimarySt James324
Flanker PJHSt James324
Glendevon Primary & InfantSt James324
Mt Alvernia HighSt James324
Providence Heights InfantSt James324
University of the West Indies Western CampusSt James324
Anchovy HighSt James334
Anchovy PrimarySt James334
Bickersteth Primary & InfantSt James334
Cambridge HighSt James334
Cambridge InfantSt James334
Cambridge PrimarySt James334
Catadupa PJHSt James334
Chatsworth Primary & InfantSt James334
Garlands PrimarySt James334
Lethe Primary & InfantSt James334
Maldon HighSt James334
Maldon PrimarySt James334
Mt Horeb Primary & InfantSt James334
Niagara PrimarySt James334
Orange Hill PrimarySt James334
Roehampton PrimarySt James334
Springfield PrimarySt James334
Vaughansfield Primary & InfantSt James334
Askenish PrimaryHanover344
Cacoon PrimaryHanover344
Cave Valley Primary & InfantHanover344
Chambers Pen PrimaryHanover344
Church Hill PrimaryHanover344
Clifton PrimaryHanover344
Cove PrimaryHanover344
Esher PrimaryHanover344
Green Island HighHanover344
Green Island PrimaryHanover344
Kendal PrimaryHanover344
Llandillo School of Special EducationHanover344
Lucea InfantHanover344
Lucea PrimaryHanover344
Middlesex Corner PrimaryHanover344
Pell River PrimaryHanover344
Rhodes Hall HighHanover344
Riverside PrimaryHanover344
Rusea's HighHanover344
St Simon PrimaryHanover344
Upper Rock Spring Primary & InfantHanover344
Bethel InfantHanover354
Bethel PrimaryHanover354
Brownsville PrimaryHanover354
Cacoon Castle PrimaryHanover354
Chester Castle Primary & InfantHanover354
Claremont PrimaryHanover354
Gurney's Mount PrimaryHanover354
Hopewell HighHanover354
Jericho PrimaryHanover354
Knockalva PolytechnicHanover354
Knockalva TechnicalHanover354
Maryland Primary & InfantHanover354
Merlene Ottey HighHanover354
Mount Hannah PrimaryHanover354
Mount Peto PrimaryHanover354
Mount Ward PrimaryHanover354
Pondside PrimaryHanover354
Sandy Bay PrimaryHanover354
Success PrimaryHanover354
Watford Hill PrimaryHanover354
Blauwearie PrimaryWestmoreland364
Broughton PrimaryWestmoreland364
Friendship PrimaryWestmoreland364
Grange Hill HighWestmoreland364
Grange Hill PrimaryWestmoreland364
Little Bay Primary & InfantWestmoreland364
Little London HighWestmoreland364
Little London PrimaryWestmoreland364
Moreland Hill PrimaryWestmoreland364
Mount Airy Primary & InfantWestmoreland364
Mount Grace PJHWestmoreland364
Negril PrimaryWestmoreland364
Paul Island PrimaryWestmoreland364
Peggy Barry Primary & InfantWestmoreland364
Revival PrimaryWestmoreland364
Sheffield PrimaryWestmoreland364
St Paul's PrimaryWestmoreland364
Strawberry PrimaryWestmoreland364
Townhead PrimaryWestmoreland364
West End InfantWestmoreland364
Ashton PrimaryWestmoreland374
Barneyside PrimaryWestmoreland374
Beaufort PrimaryWestmoreland374
Belmont AcademyWestmoreland374
Bethel Town All AgeWestmoreland374
Cairn Curran PrimaryWestmoreland374
Carmel PrimaryWestmoreland374
Chantilly PrimaryWestmoreland374
Content PrimaryWestmoreland374
Culloden InfantWestmoreland374
Darliston PrimaryWestmoreland374
Dundee Primary & InfantWestmoreland374
Enfield Primary & InfantWestmoreland374
Holly Hill PrimaryWestmoreland374
Kentucky PrimaryWestmoreland374
Kew Park Primary & InfantWestmoreland374
Kings PrimaryWestmoreland374
Maud McLeod HighWestmoreland374
Mearnsville PrimaryWestmoreland374
Mt Herman PrimaryWestmoreland374
New Hope PJHWestmoreland374
New Roads PrimaryWestmoreland374
New Works Primary & InfantWestmoreland374
Petersville PrimaryWestmoreland374
Retrieve PrimaryWestmoreland374
Salem PrimaryWestmoreland374
Seaford Town PrimaryWestmoreland374
St John's InfantWestmoreland374
St Leonards PrimaryWestmoreland374
Caledonia All AgeWestmoreland384
Cokes View PrimaryWestmoreland384
Cornwall Mount Primary & InfantWestmoreland384
Ferris PrimaryWestmoreland384
Frome Technical HighWestmoreland384
George's Plain PrimaryWestmoreland384
Godfrey Stewart HighWestmoreland384
Haddo Primary & InfantWestmoreland384
Llandillo School of Special EducationWestmoreland384
Mannings HighWestmoreland384
Petersfield HighWestmoreland384
Petersfield Primary & InfantWestmoreland384
Porter's Mountain PrimaryWestmoreland384
Savanna la mar Inclusive & AcademyWestmoreland384
Savanna la mar InfantWestmoreland384
Savanna la mar PrimaryWestmoreland384
Sir Clifford PrimaryWestmoreland384
Unity PrimaryWestmoreland384
Williamsfield Primary & InfantWestmoreland384
Accompong PrimarySt Elizabeth395
Beersheba PrimarySt Elizabeth395
Carisbrook Primary & InfantSt Elizabeth395
Clapham Primary & InfantSt Elizabeth395
Elderslie Primary & InfantSt Elizabeth395
Ginger Hill PrimarySt Elizabeth395
Glen Stuart Primary & InfantSt Elizabeth395
Happy Grove Primary & InfantSt Elizabeth395
Holland PrimarySt Elizabeth395
Kilmarnock Primary & InfantSt Elizabeth395
Lacovia HighSt Elizabeth395
Lacovia Primary & InfantSt Elizabeth395
Lewisville HighSt Elizabeth395
Maggotty HighSt Elizabeth395
Merrywood PrimarySt Elizabeth395
Middlesex InfantSt Elizabeth395
Mulgrave PrimarySt Elizabeth395
Newton PrimarySt Elizabeth395
Nightingale Grove PrimarySt Elizabeth395
Pisgah Primary & InfantSt Elizabeth395
Retirement PrimarySt Elizabeth395
Springfield Primary & InfantSt Elizabeth395
White Hill Primary & InfantSt Elizabeth395
Aberdeen HighSt Elizabeth405
Balaclava Primary & InfantSt Elizabeth405
Bogue Primary & InfantSt Elizabeth405
Braes River PrimarySt Elizabeth405
Burnt Savannah PrimarySt Elizabeth405
Goshen PrimarySt Elizabeth405
Lalor PrimarySt Elizabeth405
Leeds PrimarySt Elizabeth405
Marie Cole Memorial PrimarySt Elizabeth405
Mount Osborn PrimarySt Elizabeth405
Park Mountain Primary & InfantSt Elizabeth405
Pepper Primary & InfantSt Elizabeth405
Quickstep PrimarySt Elizabeth405
Roger Clarke High (formerly Balaclava High)St Elizabeth405
Roses Valley Primary & InfantSt Elizabeth405
Santa Cruz Primary & InfantSt Elizabeth405
Schoolfield Primary & InfantSt Elizabeth405
Siloah PrimarySt Elizabeth405
St. Elizabeth Technical HighSt Elizabeth405
Sydney Pagon STEM AcademySt Elizabeth405
Thornton Primary & InfantSt Elizabeth405
B.B. Coke HighSt Elizabeth415
Ballards Valley PrimarySt Elizabeth415
Bethlehem Moravian Teachers' CollegeSt Elizabeth415
Bethlehem Primary & InfantSt Elizabeth415
Brinkley PrimarySt Elizabeth415
Bull Savannah Primary & InfantSt Elizabeth415
Epping Forest Primary & InfantSt Elizabeth415
Hampton School for GirlsSt Elizabeth415
Lititz Primary & InfantSt Elizabeth415
Mayfield Primary & InfantSt Elizabeth415
Morningside Primary & InfantSt Elizabeth415
Munro CollegeSt Elizabeth415
Nain Technical HighSt Elizabeth415
Red Bank Primary & InfantSt Elizabeth415
Rose Hall Primary & InfantSt Elizabeth415
Russells Primary & InfantSt Elizabeth415
Seaview Primary & InfantSt Elizabeth415
St. Alban's Primary & InfantSt Elizabeth415
St. Mary's Primary & InfantSt Elizabeth415
Top Hill Primary (St. Elizabeth)St Elizabeth415
Warminster Primary & InfantSt Elizabeth415
Barbary Hall Primary &InfantSt Elizabeth425
Bigwoods PrimarySt Elizabeth425
Black River HighSt Elizabeth425
Black River Primary & InfantSt Elizabeth425
Brompton PrimarySt Elizabeth425
Crawford Primary & InfantSt Elizabeth425
Fullerswood Primary & InfantSt Elizabeth425
Fyffes Pen Primary & InfantSt Elizabeth425
Geneva PrimarySt Elizabeth425
Giddy Hall PrimarySt Elizabeth425
Hopewell PrimarySt Elizabeth425
Middle Quarters PrimarySt Elizabeth425
Mountainside PrimarySt Elizabeth425
Newcombe Valley PrimarySt Elizabeth425
Newell HighSt Elizabeth425
Parottee PrimarySt Elizabeth425
Pedro Plains Primary & InfantSt Elizabeth425
Pondside PrimarySt Elizabeth425
Sandy Bank InfantSt Elizabeth425
Sandy Bank PrimarySt Elizabeth425
Slipe Leased Primary & InfantSt Elizabeth425
Alligator Pond Primary & InfantManchester435
Bethabara InfantManchester435
Campbell's Castle Primary & InfantManchester435
Cross Keys HighManchester435
Ebenezer Primary & InfantManchester435
Ferguson Primary & InfantManchester435
Frankfield Primary and InfantManchester435
Grove Town Primary & InfantManchester435
Harmons Primary & InfantManchester435
Marlie Hill Primary & InfantManchester435
New Broughton Primary & InfantManchester435
New Forest HighManchester435
New Forest Primary & InfantManchester435
Patrick Town Primary & InfantManchester435
Plowden Primary & InfantManchester435
Porus InfantManchester435
Pratville Primary and InfantManchester435
Prospect PrimaryManchester435
Ramble Primary & InfantManchester435
Rose Hill Primary & InfantManchester435
Snowdon Primary & InfantManchester435
St. Jago Primary & InfantManchester435
Victoria Town PrimaryManchester435
Winston Jones HighManchester435
Woodlands Primary & InfantManchester435
Albion PrimaryManchester445
Belair HighManchester445
Bellefield HighManchester445
Bellefield Primary & InfantManchester445
Bethabara PrimaryManchester445
Bishop Gibson HighManchester445
Broadleaf Primary & InfantManchester445
Church Teachers' CollegeManchester445
deCarteret CollegeManchester445
Kendal Primary & InfantManchester445
Manchester HighManchester445
Mandeville PrimaryManchester445
May Day HighManchester445
McIntosh Memorial PrimaryManchester445
Mt. St. Joseph Catholic HighManchester445
Northern Caribbean UniversityManchester445
Old England Primary & InfantManchester445
Porus HighManchester445
Porus PrimaryManchester445
Richmond PrimaryManchester445
Villa Road PrimaryManchester445
Woodlawn School of Special EducationManchester445
Zion Hill PrimaryManchester445
Bethany Primary & InfantManchester455
Coley Mountain Primary & InfantManchester455
Comfort Hall Primary & InfantManchester455
Fairfield PrimaryManchester455
Hatfield PrimaryManchester455
Huntley Primary & InfantManchester455
Mandeville InfantManchester455
Medina Primary & InfantManchester455
Mile Gully HighManchester455
Mile Gully PrimaryManchester455
Nazareth Primary & InfantManchester455
New Green PrimaryManchester455
Somerset PrimaryManchester455
St. Paul's Primary & InfantManchester455
Bryce PrimaryManchester465
Chantilly Primary & InfantManchester465
Christiana (Leased) Primary and InfantManchester465
Christiana HighManchester465
Christiana Moravian Primary and InfantManchester465
Craighead PrimaryManchester465
Devon PrimaryManchester465
Harry Watch PrimaryManchester465
Holmwood Technical HighManchester465
Mizpah PrimaryManchester465
Mount Olivet PrimaryManchester465
Pike Primary & InfantManchester465
Robins Hall Primary & InfantManchester465
Top Hill Primary and InfantManchester465
Waterloo Primary & InfantManchester465
Bermaddy PrimarySt Catherine536
Charlemont HighSt Catherine536
Ewarton HighSt Catherine536
Ewarton PrimarySt Catherine536
Jericho PrimarySt Catherine536
Juan de BolasSt Catherine536
Linstead PrimarySt Catherine536
Lluidas Vale PrimarySt Catherine536
McGrath HighSt Catherine536
Mount Rosser PrimarySt Catherine536
Orangefield PrimarySt Catherine536
Polly Ground PrimarySt Catherine536
Rosemount PrimarySt Catherine536
Time and PatienceSt Catherine536
Top Hill PrimarySt Catherine536
Tydixon PrimarySt Catherine536
Victoria PrimarySt Catherine536
York Street PrimarySt Catherine536
Ascot HighSt Catherine546
Ascot PrimarySt Catherine546
Bartons PrimarySt Catherine546
Belmont Park PrimarySt Catherine546
Bois Content PrimarySt Catherine546
Braeton Primary & InfantSt Catherine546
Davis PrimarySt Catherine546
Good Hope PrimarySt Catherine546
Greater Portmore HighSt Catherine546
Greater Portmore PrimarySt Catherine546
Kensington PrimarySt Catherine546
Marlie Mount Primary and InfantSt Catherine546
Old Harbour Bay PrimarySt Catherine546
Old Harbour HighSt Catherine546
Old Harbour PrimarySt Catherine546
Planters All AgeSt Catherine546
Spring GardensSt Catherine546
Eltham HighSt Catherine556
Eltham InfantSt Catherine556
Eltham Park PrimarySt Catherine556
Ensom City PrimarySt Catherine556
Spanish Town HighSt Catherine556
St. Catherine PrimarySt Catherine556
Bridgeport HighSt Catherine576
Bridgeport InfantSt Catherine576
Bridgeport PrimarySt Catherine576
Cumberland HighSt Catherine576
Portmore Community CollegeSt Catherine576
Portsmouth PrimarySt Catherine576
Southborough PrimarySt Catherine576
Waterford HighSt Catherine576
Waterford InfantSt Catherine576
Waterford PrimarySt Catherine576
Angel PrimarySt Catherine586
Crescent PrimarySt Catherine586
Dinthill Technical HighSt Catherine586
Enid Bennett HighSt Catherine586
GC . Foster CollegeSt Catherine586
Giblatore PrimarySt Catherine586
Mt. Moreland PJHSt Catherine586
Sargeantville PrimarySt Catherine586
Simon PrimarySt Catherine586
Sligoville All AgeSt Catherine586
Springvale PrimarySt Catherine586
St. Faiths PrimarySt Catherine586
St. Mary's All AgeSt Catherine586
St. Mary's CollegeSt Catherine586
Top Jackson PrimarySt Catherine586
Tulloch PrimarySt Catherine586
Belllas Gate PrimarySt Catherine596
Browns Hall PrimarySt Catherine596
Eccleston PrimarySt Catherine596
Friendship PrimarySt Catherine596
Garden Hill PrimarySt Catherine596
Ginger Ridge PrimarySt Catherine596
Guanaboa Vale PrimarySt Catherine596
Kitson Town PrimarySt Catherine596
Marlie Hill PrimarySt Catherine596
Paul Mountain PrimarySt Catherine596
Point Hill PrimarySt Catherine596
Tacius Golding HighSt Catherine596
Wakefield PrimarySt Catherine596
Watermount PrimarySt Catherine596
Berry Hill PrimarySt Catherine606
Berwick PrimarySt Catherine606
Bonnett PrimarySt Catherine606
Cassava River PrimarySt Catherine606
Cedar Valley Primary & InfantSt Catherine606
Glengoffe HighSt Catherine606
Grateful Hill PrimarySt Catherine606
Guys HillSt Catherine606
Guy's Hill PrimarySt Catherine606
Hamwalk PrimarySt Catherine606
Harewood PrimarySt Catherine606
Jubilee Town PrimarySt Catherine606
Lucky Valley PrimarySt Catherine606
Mount Hermon PrimarySt Catherine606
Mount Nebo PrimarySt Catherine606
New Mount IndustrySt Catherine606
Pear Tree Grove PrimarySt Catherine606
Redwood PrimarySt Catherine606
Rose Hill Primary And InfantSt Catherine606
Seafield PrimarySt Catherine606
Troja PJHSt Catherine606
Jonathan Grant HighSt Catherine616
Jose Marti TechnicalSt Catherine616
Spanish Town InfantSt Catherine616
Spanish Town PrimarySt Catherine616
St. Jago HighSt Catherine616
Tredegar Park PrimarySt Catherine616
White Marl PJHSt Catherine616
Homestead PrimarySt Catherine626
Horizon Park PrimarySt Catherine626
Innswood HighSt Catherine626
Mcauley PrimarySt Catherine626
Mccook PrimarySt Catherine626
St. Catherine HighSt Catherine626
St. Johns PrimarySt Catherine626
Windsor School of Special EducationSt Catherine626
Gregory Park PrimarySt Catherine636
Independence City PrimarySt Catherine636
Naggo Head InfantSt Catherine636
Naggo Head PrimarySt Catherine636
Port Henderson PrimarySt Catherine636
The Cedar Grove AcademySt Catherine636
Alphansus Davis HighClarendon477
Alston HighClarendon477
Alston Primary and InfantClarendon477
Baillieston PrimaryClarendon477
Claude McKay HighClarendon477
Coffee Piece Primary & InfantClarendon477
Cumberland All AgeClarendon477
Edwin Allen HighClarendon477
Elgin Primary & InfantClarendon477
Frankfield Primary & InfantClarendon477
Garlogie Primary & InfantClarendon477
Kilsyth Primary & InfantClarendon477
Knox CollegeClarendon477
Knox Community CollegeClarendon477
Knox JuniorClarendon477
Leicesterfield Primary & InfantClarendon477
Long Look PrimaryClarendon477
Moravia PrimaryClarendon477
Park Hall Primary & InfantClarendon477
Ritchies PrimaryClarendon477
Sanguinetti PrimaryClarendon477
Smithville Primary & InfantClarendon477
Spaldings PrimaryClarendon477
Sunbury PrimaryClarendon477
Thompson Town HighClarendon477
Thompson Town Primary & InfantClarendon477
Tweedside PrimaryClarendon477
Victoria PrimaryClarendon477
Wanstead Primary & InfantClarendon477
Aenon Town Pri & InfClarendon487
Anderson Town Pri & InfantClarendon487
Arthurs Seat Pri & InfantClarendon487
Brandon Hill PrimaryClarendon487
Bunker's Hill PrimaryClarendon487
Collington PrimaryClarendon487
Crofts Hill Pri Junior HighClarendon487
Crooked River PrimaryClarendon487
Evelyn Mitchell InfantClarendon487
James Hill PrimaryClarendon487
Johns Hall PrimaryClarendon487
Kellits HighClarendon487
Kellits PrimaryClarendon487
McNie PrimaryClarendon487
Morgan's Forest Pri & InfClarendon487
Red Hill Primary & InfClarendon487
Staceyville PrimaryClarendon487
Trout Hall All AgeClarendon487
Ashley Primary & InfantClarendon497
Beulah All Age & InfantClarendon497
Brixton Hill Primary & InfantClarendon497
Chapelton All AgeClarendon497
Clarendon CollegeClarendon497
John Austin All AgeClarendon497
Lennon HighClarendon497
Main Ridge PrimaryClarendon497
Mitchell's Hill PrimaryClarendon497
Mocho Primary & InfantClarendon497
Morgan's Pass PrimaryClarendon497
Mt. Carmel PrimaryClarendon497
Mt. Liberty All AgeClarendon497
Mt. Providence Pri & InfantClarendon497
Pindar's ValleyClarendon497
Prospect PrimaryClarendon497
Richmond Park PrimaryClarendon497
Rock River All AgeClarendon497
Simon Primary & InfantClarendon497
Woodhall All AgeClarendon497
Central HighClarendon507
Chandlers Pen Primary & Junior HighClarendon507
Denbigh HighClarendon507
Denbigh PrimaryClarendon507
Effortville PrimaryClarendon507
Glenmuir HighClarendon507
Hazard PrimaryClarendon507
May Pen InfantClarendon507
May Pen PrimaryClarendon507
May Pen Unit for the DeafClarendon507
Seymour Edwards InfantClarendon507
Treadlight PrimaryClarendon507
Windsor School of Special EducationClarendon507
Alley InfantClarendon517
Alley PrimaryClarendon517
Ebony Grove HighClarendon517
Foga Road HighClarendon517
Foga Road InfantClarendon517
Four Paths Primary & InfantClarendon517
Garvey Macoe HighClarendon517
Gimme Me Bit Prim & InfantClarendon517
Gravel Hill Primary & InfantClarendon517
Kemps Hill HighClarendon517
Milk River Primary & InfantClarendon517
Mnt. Airy Primary & InfantClarendon517
Osbourne Store Pri & InfantClarendon517
Race Course Prim & InfantClarendon517
Rest Primary & InfantClarendon517
Rock Primary & InfantClarendon517
Scotts Pass Prim & InfantClarendon517
Toll Gate Primary & InfantClarendon517
York Town PrimaryClarendon517
Bustamante HighClarendon527
Cross Primary and Junior HighClarendon527
Free Town Primary Clarendon527
Green Park Primary & Junior High Clarendon527
Hayes Primary & Junior High Clarendon527
Mineral Heights PrimaryClarendon527
Mitchell Town Primary Clarendon527
Moores Primary Clarendon527
Portland Cottage All Age Clarendon527
Rosewell Primary Clarendon527
Salt Savannah Primary Clarendon527
Vere Technical HighClarendon527
Watsonton Primary Clarendon527