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Jamaica Teaching Council
Salute to Our Teachers

International Teachers Day Theme: “The teachers we need for the education we want: The global imperative to reverse the teacher shortage”. 

The Jamaica Teaching Council (JTC) applauds the teachers in Jamaica for their continued service and commitment to educate the children of Jamaica. Your competence. agility and love for your task have inspired thousands of young people to reach their full potential. We acknowledge and appreciate the leap of the teaching profession into the digital space and the continued pursuit of excellence in professional practice, enhanced by technological advancement. Through your engagements you have earned the unquestionable support of the Honourable Fayval Williams, Minister of Education and Youth and you can rest assured that she will do all in her power to enhance the image of the profession in Jamaica and the wider global community.

The year 2023 is significant in the life of the profession. Some developed countries poached the teachers, offering terms that are beyond the ability of developing countries to provide.  However, with your help and sustained support of partners, we have edged out a crisis. The Inter -American Development Bank (IDB) is facilitating HAMK University in Finland to provide advanced training and exposure for teachers in selected Caribbean countries, including Jamaica.  Various multilateral and bilateral agencies have opened avenues for training in the use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) to enhance practice and to reach teachers with more engaging professional practice to improve quality and inclusivity. Among such bodies are: The European Union (EU), CARICOM, The Commonwealth of Learning (COL), the Organization of American States (OAS), OAS/ International Teacher Education Network (ITEN), UNICEF and UNESCO. The International Teacher Task Force (ITTF) consistently share experiences from various countries of the world.

In the face of adversity, innovative local talent evolved and entrepreneurship to support education is a growing sub-sector. JTC is officially engaged with One and One to provide teacher development programmes while Eduhub is emerging as another partner.  Creative Language Based Learning (CLBL) has been a longstanding partner in promoting literacy and numeracy. Great Shape Incorporated supported by, Sandals Foundation, continues its annual “Teach the Teachers and Super Kids” Project.  It is now 61 years since independence and much has been achieved. Nevertheless, we are still some ways from our desired goal of quality, relevant education for all learners.

As we celebrate our achievements let is appreciate the contribution of the Hon. Lascelles Chin and the Hon. Danny Williams, who inspired the evolution of the Jamaica Teaching Council.

May their souls rest in peace.

Hon. Lascelles Chin

Hon. Danvers Williams

Achieving and sustaining quality of practice in teaching

Targeted professional development is a key dimension of the work of the Council.

Meet the Teacher Development Division  Team

The JTC Teacher Development Team – Front Row (l-r), Mrs Ingrid Peart-Wilmot, Chief Mentoring Officer, Mrs Allison Solomon, Senior Director, TD Unit; Mrs Yvette Harriott, Administrative Assistant; Ms Dredria Bailey, Professional Development Specialist; ;Second Row (l-r), Dr Joseph Thomas, Director, Master Teacher Unit, Mr Davion Leslie, Chief PD Officer, Mr Christopher Doyle, Former Secretary, Master Teacher Unit, Mr Lanre Chin, Mentoring Officer

During 25 to 27 January 2024, all Jamaicans are invited to the National Arena where the teaching profession will showcase itself in the Third Forum for Innovations in Teaching (FIT 3) under the theme: Celebrating Achievements and Reimagining Education for the 21st Century Society and Labour Force.

Appraisal in the Digital Space

The Council is helping teachers to assess their path to excellence while promoting student success by supporting assessment in the digital space. Through Zyqual’s assessment performance management system “AMPS”, teachers are provided with a suite of software tools in order to enable them to monitor and improve their teaching and learning experiences.

Recovering and Re-imagining professional development

As the nation moves on from the COVID-19 pandemic, JTC Professional Development (PD) Unit, in its commitment  to support teachers,  developed  12 courses and 10 webinars providing up to 175 hours of professional development opportunities for teachers.  

The Council cares for teachers. Psychosocial support is offered to teachers through its Return to Happiness (RTH) support groups.  Since 2020 the Council has hosted over 500 teachers facilitating sessions, inter alia, on personal-growth, enhanced self-awareness, and improved resilience and coping skills. 550 teachers have been trained to implement RTH in classrooms.

Boys’ Education – teachers maintaining inclusive classrooms.

The Boys’ Education programme, with our partners’ support, continues to grow and expand. The most recent is the launch of the Young Knights programme, which focuses on building the character of young boys through community service and leadership skills.

The Boys entrepreneurship initiative was established under the mantra “earn as you learn”. The programme has enabled boys from several High schools to learn business skills while earning for themselves.

Hon. Fayval Williams, Minister of Education and Youth pinning a young Mentor.

The Boys’ Peer Mentorship programme trains boys to be role models to their peers, hone their leadership skills and make them more well-rounded. A badging ceremony is held at the end of each training cohort to officially certify the boys as peer mentors.

The programme, Teaching to Reach Boys, has been successfully offered to more than 1,200 Jamaican teachers. The course is now being delivered to teachers in St Lucia as they also focus on boys’ education. The Council continues to partner with other stakeholders to develop teacher PD opportunities. For example, UNICEF The Heart of Teaching, empowering teachers to create safe and holistic classrooms.  The “Mentoring and Induction of Beginning Teachers’ Programme” supports novice educators transitioning from students to teachers. It addresses the challenges inherent in this transition. A Synergy Education Conference, brings together all beginning teachers annually facilitating exposure to relationship-building and knowledge-sharing among educators.  The Unit trains approximately four hundred (400) exemplary teachers, annually. to be mentors.

Excellence applauded.

Each year, selected outstanding teachers from 63 Quality Education Circles (QECs), and all levels of education, including special education  receive awards.  

The MoEY /LASCO/JTC Teacher and Principal of the Year Awards have been updated and adapted to new approaches in the digital space. The awards have been extended to 130 teachers in 63 QECs.C also partners with Carlong Publishers to support its biennial Teachers’ Appreciation Luncheon in recognition of the contribution of 100 teachers and their role in the educational advancement of children.

Excellent Teacher certificate and trophy

The Master Teacher Programme: Recognizing and Elevating Exceptional Educators

The Master Teacher Programme recognizes outstanding educators, empowering them to lead within schools, in Quality Education Circles, and nationally. Master teachers are awarded the compensation of Vice-principals, and the designation is portable. OAS and Profutero have been key partners in building confidence and professional competence.

Teachers across Jamaica can apply for recognition under the Master Teacher Programme through the Jamaica Teaching Council (JTC) website,

Teachers Services Division Team – Serving your needs

From left to right, Ms Kelveta Phillips, Secretary Teacher Services Division, Sharon Hunt, Senior Director, Teacher Services Division, Chedika Barnes-Whyte, Record Officer, Teacher Services Division

The Teachers’ Services Division of the Council serves our teachers with alacrity.  The Division undertakes timely credential assessments and continues to participate in the restructuring of the standardizing of credentials in collaboration with MOEY.  The Division, as the Secretariat of the Teachers’ Appeal Tribunal, continues to ensure that teachers’ matter remain relevant and teachers are  able to access the services of the Tribunal in shorter periods.

Streamlining Teacher Tribunal Appeals- A new Case Management system, to be launched, will significantly improve our teacher tribunal appeals process, further demonstrating our commitment to effective governance and fair resolutions.”

 Be a registered teacher – A Mark of Professional Recognition

Teacher registration is paramount. The Education Act of 1980, Section 33, mandates that all teachers should be registered. JTC provides an easily accessible online registration platform

 A dedicated teacher registration team places strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, striving to keep all teachers well-informed about the registration procedure. Teachers primarily complete their registration online at,

Snapshots of the registration initiatives on  the JTC website

Registration Officer of the Jamaica Teaching Council assisting a teacher with online registration at the Global Education Teacher Summit 21/01/2023 at the  Jamaica Conference Centre

The Jamaica Teaching Council Registration team

“Strengthening Online Presence and Digital Services”

Our corporate website continues to undergo refinements, ensuring ongoing enhancements in content, structure, and visuals.  It permits increased traffic, enhanced user experience, and accessibility, while preserving mobile friendliness and responsiveness. Our social media engagement remains a vital part of our ongoing communication strategy. The Teacher Management Information System (TMIS) is a web-based solution that continues to be an efficiently managed teacher registration, information, and professional development initiative. Over 36,000 teachers, are registered in the data base.

The Jamaica Teaching Council Operational Team

JTC offers Digital Certificates and provides access to online applications for teacher support services. Our Learning Management System (LMS) remains a strategic objective, offering continued administration, documentation, tracking, and automation of educational courses engaging teachers nationally and in the wider  Caribbean.. The LMS implementation provides ongoing valuable metrics to adapt our strategies in alignment with Jamaica’s 2030 goals, consistently improving educational administration for teachers.