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Master Teacher Programme

Since 1999 the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information with recommendations from the Jamaica Teachers’ Association, began the process of selecting master teachers for the retention of proficient teachers in the classroom and the enhancement of student learning. In addition, this process was designed to:

  1. Recognize and reward master teachers who demonstrate excellence in teaching (instructional design, development, delivery and management).
  2. Provide incentives for teachers to pursue further academic training and professional development.
  3. Encourage the creative utilization and integration of technologies in curriculum and instructions.
  4. Encourage involvement in and documentation of action research and educational projects relevant to teaching and teachers’ professional development.
  5. Provide additional educational leadership in schools, for training and mentoring of beginning teachers

A Master Teacher is a professional teacher who has demonstrated the mastery of the art and craft of teaching, by achieving excellence in current practices, through a comprehensive assessment process. Master teachers are therefore required to significantly impact the teaching-learning process.

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Programme Contacts:

  • Dr. Joseph Thomas-Master Teacher Director
  • Mr. Christopher Doyle- Programme Administrator