Teacher Registration, Licensing and Standards

How to Register

A copy of the Teacher Registration Form is now accessible online.  Please download a copy of the form or contact our office and an Officer will assist you with registering.

To complete the registration process, submit the following documents to the Regional Offices or the Jamaica Teaching Council:

  • Certified copy of birth certificate
  • Certified copies of academic qualifications
  • Two written character references
  • Certified copies of TRN & NIS cards
  • Passport Size Photo
  • Police Record (Early Childhood Practitioners)
  • Food Handlers Permit (Early Childhood Practitioners)

Teacher Registration Guiding Principle

The Education Act (Amendment) Act 1980, Section 33, states that “a person shall not teach or be employed as a teacher in a public educational institution unless he is registered,

as a trained teacher;

  • Trained university graduate.
  • Trained instructor.
  • Trained college graduate

as an authorized teacher;

· Pre-trained teachers who lack the requisite qualification as directed by the Minister after consultation with the Chairman of the Commission.”

“Registration as an authorized teacher shall in no circumstances exceed six years”

Education Act, Section 36 (2)

What is Teacher Registration?

Teacher Registration is a programme in which all teachers in the public education system and those in private education institutions are registered. It involves the assessment of a teacher’s: qualifications and character to determine his or her suitability to educate the nation’s youth.

Each teacher is required to complete a registration application prior to entering the education system.

The Teacher Registration Programme

The Ministry of Education Youth and Information has established the objective of registering all teachers in Jamaica.

 The registration programme is intended for teachers who fall into one or more of the following categories:

Public Educational Institutions

  • Teachers currently employed need to regularize the status of their registration.
  • Teachers who will b newly employed, need to be registered prior to such employment.

Private Educational Institutions

  • While not mandatory, it is highly recommended that teachers currently employed, regularize the status of their registration.
  • Teachers who will be newly employed in the public education system need to be registered prior to such employment.

Benefits of Registration

Public Educational Institutions

· Eligibility for employment (Effective January 2010 only registered teachers will be granted this opportunity)

  • Eligibility for permanent appointment
  • Accessing study leave
  • Accessing study loans
  • Accessing motor vehicle loans
  • Application for Master Teacher  Programme
  • Application for NCEL Aspiring Principal

Private Educational Institutions

  • Eligibility for employment in the public system

For more information contact the Jamaica Teaching Council