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Excellence . Love . Service . Integrity

Corporate Services

Enabling efficiency and effectiveness through exceptional service

The Corporate Services Department is the discreet arm of the Agency that delivers organizational support services based on specialized knowledge, statutory policies, researched best practices and technological expertise. The Director, Corporate Services is the Head of Department and functions as a strategic partner in assuring quality service standards and sustaining a professional and harmonious working environment. Service delivery standards are predicated on the core values of excellence, love, service and integrity.  


Improves the corporate image and visibility of the Agency in print and electronic media and across all social media platforms.  This Department produces and revises critical documentation such as the Operational and Corporate Plans, Monthly and Quarterly Reports, Operating Procedures Manual and Staff Handbook. It enables effective and efficient program implementation by ensuring continuous improvement in processes and service delivery.  

Information & Communication Technology

The ICT Unit plays a catalytic role in effectively facilitating communication within the Agency and beyond, to its various stakeholders. This includes development and maintenance of an integrated Teacher Management Information System (TMIS) and Learning Management System (LMS); sourcing and deploying remotely accessible applications in support of administrative and operational activities of the Agency; maintenance of online services and databases and the provision of ICT advice for projects.

Financial Services

Establishes and maintains a functional and reliable financial system based on prudence, value for money, astuteness and compliance with the applicable financial rules and guidelines. Allocation of funds to planned events must be made or how would the providers of goods and services be paid? Teachers’ professional development sessions, teachers’ symposiums and conferences attract a cost and without proper financing, all would be lost. 

Logistics & Facilities Management

This function is instrumental in the organization of Forums, Conferences and internal events. All that is needed is budgeted, approved and provided. The safety and security of staff and guests are high on the agenda; utility, air-conditioning and sanitation are never on the back burner.  

Human Resources

The Agency has a culture that fosters teamwork, creativity and career progression.  The team of nimble, high performing staff members proactively respond to environmental stimuli and shifts in the education landscape to ensure the achievement of the overall mandate of the Agency.


The Corporate Services Department – The engine that keeps running to keep the Council’s programmes going!