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Dear Colleagues

The Jamaica Teaching Council (JTC) an agency of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, has established a virtual space to permit open dialogue as we pursue accountability and the highest public respect for the teaching profession.

In so doing, the Council promotes professional dialogue and collegial collaboration within institutions. It is paramount that the expectations of the practice of teaching, be common knowledge in each educational institution. This can only be successfully attained through professional dialogue, professional respect, professional exchange and in an atmosphere where professional criticism is welcomed. Hence, teaching assignments must be clear and descriptors and credit values created through professional dialogue.

To this end, the Jamaica Teaching Council (JTC) will host live discussions in its special ZOOM room enabling principals and others to share experiences and promote conversation around the strategies to foster autonomy and good quality professional practice.

Please join the conversation at 5:00 pm on Thursday, April 8, 2021, and every other Thursday thereafter, at the same time via the following link:

For additional information or queries, please contact Ms. Dannielle Watson by email at